Brassica rapa L. | Brassica campestris L. |
ID illustration: 153911ID basionym cited:155719
ID publication: 1588ID species cited:155719
ID volume: 4063ID basionym recognized:156355
ID genus cited: 3578ID species recognized:156355
ID genus recognized: 3578ID copy:

Smith, J.E., English botany, or coloured figures of British plants, ed. 3 [B] [J.E. Sowerby et al] (1863-1899)
Engl. Bot., ed. 3

vol. 1 (1863)
t. 89
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name recognized:
156355 Brassica rapa L.

name cited:
155719 Brassica campestris L.

family: Cruciferae
epithet cited:

epithet recognized:

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New York Botanical Garden, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Brassica rapa subsp. campestris (L.) A.R.Clapham; Brassica rapa subsp. napus (L.) Briq.; Brassica rapa var. campestris (L.) Clapham; Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis (L.) Hanelt; Brassica rapa var. chinensis (L.) Kitam.; Brassica rapa var. campestris (L.) Peterm.; Raphanus rapa (L.) Crantz; Sinapis rapa (L.) Brot.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Brassica amplexicaulis Hochst. ex A. Rich.; Brassica antiquorum H.Lév.; Brassica arvensis Hablitz; Brassica asperifolia Lam.; Brassica brassicata A. Chev.; Brassica briggsii Varenne; Brassica campestris L.; Brassica celerifolia (M.Tseng & S.H.Lee) Y.Z.Lan & T.Y.Cheo; Brassica chinensis L.; Brassica colza H.Lév.; Brassica cyrenaica Sprengel; Brassica dubiosa L.H.Bailey; Brassica japonica Makino; Brassica lutea Gilib.; Brassica macrorhiza Gray; Brassica musifolia (Makino) Makino; Brassica napella Chaix; Brassica narinosa L.H.Bailey; Brassica nipposinica L.H.Bailey; Brassica oleronensis A.Sav. ex Foucaud; Brassica parachinensis L.H.Bailey; Brassica pekinensis (Lour.) Rupr.; Brassica pekinensis Skeels; Brassica perfoliata Crantz; Brassica perviridis (L.H.Bailey) L.H.Bailey; Brassica petsai (Lour.) L.H.Bailey; Brassica polymorpha Syme; Brassica pseudocolza H.Lév.; Brassica purpuraria (L.H.Bailey) L.H.Bailey; Brassica quadrivalvis Hook.f. & Thomson; Brassica saruna Siebold; Brassica septiceps (L.H.Bailey) L.H.Bailey; Brassica sphaerorrhiza Gray; Brassica trilocularis Hook.f. & Thomson; Brassica trimestris Boenn.; Brassica tuberosa Salisb.; Caulanthus sulfureus Payson; Crucifera rapa E.H.L.Krause; Raphanus campestris (L.) Crantz; Raphanus chinensis (L.) Crantz; Sinapis dichotoma Roxb.; Sinapis pekinensis Lour.;
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6 156355 Brassica rapa L. L. [Brassica campestris L.]
J.E. Smith, Engl. Bot., ed. 3, vol. 1 : t. 89 (1863)