Rosa chinensis Jacq. [ Rosa semperflorens W.M.Curtis]
Gleadall, E.E., beauties of flora (1834-1836)
Beauties Flora (Gleadall)

t. 14
name recognized:
1260598 Rosa chinensis Jacq.

name cited:
1263980 Rosa semperflorens W.M.Curtis

family: Rosaceae
subfamily: Rosoideae
tribe: Roseae
epithet cited: semperflorens

epithet recognized: chinensis,-is,-e

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heterotypic synonyms:
Rosa indica Focke; Rosa indica Lour.; Rosa indica Redouté & Thory; Rosa nankinensis Lour.;
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47 1260598 Rosa chinensis Jacq. Jacq. [Rosa semperflorens W.M.Curtis]
E.E. Gleadall, The beauties of flora: t. 14 (1839)