Quassia amara | Quassia amara Sessé & Moc. | Quassia amara Sessé & Moc. | Quassia amara?
ID illustration: 340760ID basionym cited:1457168
ID publication: 4600ID species cited:1457168
ID volume: 0ID basionym recognized:858161
ID genus cited: 8356ID species recognized:858161
ID genus recognized: 8356

Sessé, M., Mociño, M., Drawings from the Spanish Royal Expedition to New Spain (1787–1803) (1787-1803)
Draw. Roy. Exped. New Spain

: )
t. 300
name recognized:
858161 Quassia amara

name cited:
1457168 Quassia amara Sessé & Moc.
cited non-linnean name:
Quassia amara?

family: Simaroubaceae

link_details: http://rack1.ulib.org/is/torner/captions/1765.htm
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heterotypic synonyms:
Quassia amara Sessé & Moc.;
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Quassia amara L. [Quassia amara Sessé & Moc.]
, t. 300[Hunt instutute, Turner collection no. 1765] ()