Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxb. [as Coryphantha arizonica (Engelm.) Britton & Rose]
cited name:
Coryphantha arizonica (Engelm.) Britton & Rose

N.L. Britton, J.N. Rose, The Cactaceae, vol. 4: t. 5 (1923) [A.A. Newton]

drawing: A.A. Newton

family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Cactoideae
tribe: Cacteae

epithet cited: arizonicus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: viviparus,-a,-um

illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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  1. Coryphantha aggregata (Engelm.) Britton & Rose
  2. Coryphantha alversonii (Coult.) Orcutt
  3. Coryphantha alversonii Wiegand & Backeb.
  4. Coryphantha arizonica (Engelm.) Britton & Rose
  5. Coryphantha bisbeeana Orcutt
  6. Coryphantha fragrans Hester
  7. Coryphantha neomexicana (Engelm.) Britton & Rose
  8. Coryphantha neovivipara (Viv.) Y.Itô
  9. Coryphantha neovivipara (Engelm.) Y.Itô
  10. Coryphantha neovivipara (Engelm.) Y.Itô
  11. Coryphantha neovivipara (Engelm.) Y.Itô
  12. Coryphantha neovivipara (Engelm.) Y.Itô
  13. Coryphantha radiosa (Engelm.) Rydb.
  14. Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton & Rose
  15. Coryphantha vivipara (Engelm.) W.T.Marshall
  16. Coryphantha vivipara (Engelm.) W.T.Marshall
  17. Coryphantha vivipara (Orcutt) L.D.Benson
  18. Coryphantha vivipara P.C.Fisch.
  19. Coryphantha vivipara P.C.Fisch.
  20. Coryphantha vivipara (Engelm.) Backeb.
  21. Coryphantha vivipara (Engelm.) Backeb.
  22. Coryphantha vivipara (Clokey) L.D.Benson
  23. Coryphantha vivipara P.C.Fisch.
  24. Escobaria aggregata (Engelm.) Buxb.
  25. Escobaria arizonica (Engelm.) Buxb.
  26. Escobaria bisbeeana (Orcutt) Borg
  27. Escobaria neomexicana (Engelm.) Buxb.
  28. Escobaria oklahomensis (Lahman) Buxb.
  29. Escobaria vivipara (Engelm.) D.R.Hunt
  30. Escobaria vivipara (Orcutt) D.R.Hunt
  31. Coryphantha vivipara (P.C.Fisch.) N.P.Taylor
  32. Coryphantha vivipara (P.C.Fisch.) N.P.Taylor
  33. Coryphantha vivipara (Engelm.) Buxb.
  34. Coryphantha vivipara (Engelm.) D.R.Hunt
  35. Coryphantha vivipara (Clokey) D.R.Hunt
  36. Coryphantha alversonii (J. Coulter) Zeiss.
  37. Coryphantha arizonica Engelm.
  38. Coryphantha arizonica (J. Coulter) Davidson & Moxley
  39. Coryphantha neomexicana A. Nelson ex Coult. & A. Nelson
  40. Coryphantha radiosa Engelm.

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Escobaria vivipara (Nutt.) Buxb. [as Coryphantha arizonica (Engelm.) Britton & Rose]
N.L. Britton, J.N. Rose, The Cactaceae, vol. 4: t. 5 (1923) [A.A. Newton]
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