botanical links
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taxonomic databases (general)
Index Nominum Genicorum (ING)
the international plant names index (IPNI)
united states department of agriculture (USDA) plants databse
universal biological indexer and organizer (UBIO)
Vascular Plant Families and Genera
The Plant List

Botanicus digital library (Missouri botanical garden)
Digital library of the Real Jardin Botanico Madrid
Cactus and Succulent Digital Library
the Endeavour botanical illustrations (natural history museum)
catalogue of botanical illustrations (Smithsonian national museum of natural history)
plant information online (university of Minnesota libraries)
Drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the new Kingdom of Granada (Real Jardin Botanico Madrid)
Wikimedia Commons Category: Botanical Illustrations
Swiss Orchid Foundation
Botanical art & artists

taxonomy (families)
Araceaecate Araceae (creating a taxonomic esience)
Caesalpiniaceaeinternational legume database & information service (ILDIS)
CompositaeGlobal Compositae Checklist
Cannaceaegenera of the Zingiberales (smithsonian national museum of natural history)
CucurbitaceaeH. Schaefer, Cucurbit Website (version 1-1-2020)
LecythidaceaeThe Lecythidaceae Pages
Leguminosaeinternational legume database & information service (ILDIS)
Marantaceaegenera of the Zingiberales (smithsonian national museum of natural history)
Mimosaceaeinternational legume database & information service (ILDIS)
Musaceaegenera of the Zingiberales (Smithsonian national museum of natural history)
Onagraceaethe evening primrose family website
OrchidaceaeCentral African Orchid database
OrchidaceaeOrchids Pictures References Database (The London Orchid society)
OrchidaceaeThe Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia
OrchidaceaeSwiss Orchid Foundation - World orchid iconography
Papilionaceaeinternational legume database & information service (ILDIS)
PalmaePalmweb - Palms of the World Online
PalmaePalmpedia - Online palm encyclopedia
SolanaceaeSolanaceae source (natural history museum)
Zingiberaceaegenera of the Zingiberales (Smithsonian national museum of natural history)
the parasitic plant connection

ChileFlora of Chile (
ChinaFlora of China (
EcuadorTrees and shrubs of the Andes of Ecuador (
MadagascarCatalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar
NepalAnnotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal (
New ZealandNew Zealand natives and garden plants photography
North AmericaFlora of North America (
PakistanFlora of Pakistan
TaiwanFlora of Taiwan Checklist (

digital search pages
Digital Historic Garden Literature
AnimalBase search page SUB Göttingen

digital libraries
Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Bavarian State Library
Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB)
Missouri Botanical Garden (MBO)