language: English Potentilla anserina
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Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. = Potentilla anserina L.
anserinus,-a,-um; from L. anser (anseris), goose: of the goose, eaten by gooses, of goose greens, growing in goose greens
ID recognized genus:7162
recognized genus:Potentilla L.
ID species:1094941
ID basionym:832995

homotypic synonyms:
Fragaria anserina (L.) Crantz; Potentilla anserina L.;

protologue: Monogr. N. Amer. Potent. : 159 (1898) [url checked 20190311]

protologue (title page): Rydberg, P.A., A monograph of the North American Potentilleae

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