Bowiea volubilis Harvey
bowiea, climbing onion, zulu potato
volubilis,-is,-e; from L. volvere, to twine: twining

Bot. Mag. 93: t. 5619 (1867)
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    Bowiea volubilis Harvey
    Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, t. 5618-5682, vol. 93 [ser. 3, vol. 23]: t. 5619 (1867) [W.H. Fitch]
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    Bowiea volubilis Harvey
    J.M. Wood, M.S. Evans, Natal plants, vol. 4: t. 303 (1903-1906)
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    Bowiea volubilis Harvey [as Bowiea gariepensis van Jaarsv.]
    I.B. Pole-Evans, E.P. Phillips, R.A. Dyer, L.E. Codd, The flowering plants of South Africa (The flowering plants of Africa), vol. 51: t. 2007 (1990-1991) [Ward-Hilhorst]
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    Bowiea volubilis Harvey
    C. Letty, Wild flowers of the Transvaal, p. 22, t. 10, fig. 2 (1962) [C. Letty]
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    Bowiea volubilis Harvey
    A. Engler, O. Drude, Die Vegetation der Erde: Sammlung pflanzengeographischer Monographien, vol. 9(2): p. 311, fig. 211 (1896-1928)

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