Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
appa grass, bastard agrimony, billy goat weed, blueweed, conyzoid floss flower, goat weed, tropic ageratum, white weed
conyzoides; from Conyza, genus (Compositae), and Gr. -oides, suffix indicating resemblance: species resembling Conyza(q.v.)

Sp. Pl. 2: 839 (1753)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    Flore de Madagascar et des Comores, Composées, vol. 189(1): Composées, p. 203 (1960) [n.a.]
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    M. Blanco, Flora de Filipinas., ed. 3, t. 368 (1875)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    W.J. Hooker, Exotic Flora, vol. 1: t. 15 (1823)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    K.R. Kirtikar, B.D. Basu, Indian medicinal plants, Plates, vol. 3: t. 518, fig. C (1918)
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    Ageratum microcarpum (Benth. ex Benth.) Hemsley [as Phalacraea coelestina Regel]
    Gartenflora [E. von Regel], vol. 3: t. 107, fig. (1853)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L. [as Ageratum suffruticosum Regel]
    Gartenflora [E. von Regel], vol. 3: t. 108 (1853)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L. [as Eupatorium Senecionis facie folio Lamii]
    P. Hermann, Paradisus batavus, p. 161, t. [42] (1698)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L. [as Ageratum latifolium Cav.]
    A.J. Cavanilles, Icones et descriptiones plantarum, vol. 4: t. 357 (1797) [A.J. Cavanilles]
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    M. Barnas-Pomeroy, C.F.J. Barnas, Wildflowers and landscapes of Ecuador - The way we knew it, fasicle YG, t. 31 (2014) [M. Barnas-Pomeroy]
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    H. Ruiz, J. Pavón, Drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the Viceroyalty of Peru, (1777-1816)
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L.
    N.L. Britton, F.W. Horne, Popular flora of Puerto Rico, Flora Borinqueña [unpublished watercolors], t. [152] () [F.W. Horne]
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    Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L. [as Ageratum latifolium Cav.]
    W. Fawcett, A.B. Rendle, Flora of Jamaica, vol. 7: p. 171, fig. 53 (1936)

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