language: English Nyctanthes pubescens
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Nyctanthes pubescens Retz. = Jasminum multiflorum (Burm.f.) Andrews
pubescens; from L. pubescare, getting signs of maturity, becoming downy-hairy, pubescent
ID recognized genus:9129
recognized genus:Nyctanthes L.
ID species:704858
ID basionym:704858

homotypic synonyms:
Jasminum pubescens (Retz.) Willd.; Mogorium pubescens (Retz.) Lam.;

protologue: Observ. Bot. 5: 9 (1788)

protologue (title page): , vol.

    342899 5 566479 Jasminum multiflorum (Burm.f.) Andrews (Burm.f.) Andrews [Jasminum pubescens (Retz.) Willd.]
    N.L. Britton, F.W. Horne, Popular Fl. Puerto Rico: t. 485] () [F.W. Horne]
    199523 Jasminum multiflorum (Burm.f.) Andrews [Jasminum pubescens (Retz.) Willd.]
    The Garden, vol. 19: p. 628, t. 289 (1871) [n.a.]
    162258 Jasminum multiflorum (Burm.f.) Andrews [Jasminum pubescens (Retz.) Willd.]
    , vol. 3: t. 589 ()

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