Acer opalus
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Acer opalus Miller [Accepted]
English: Italian maple
ID recognized genus:575
recognized genus:Acer L.
ID species:9745
ID basionym:9745
ID publication:5212
ID volume:0

heterotypic synonyms:
Acer hispanicum Pourr.; Acer italum Lauth; Acer leptopterum Guss. Ex Nyman; Acer montanum Carradori ex Lam.; Acer opulifolium Vill.; Acer rotundifolium Lam.; Acer rupicolum Chabert; Acer sabaudum Chabert;

protologue: Gard. Dict., ed. 8 : 8 (1768)

protologue (title page): Miller, P., Gardeners Dictionary, ed. 8 (1768)

12 9745 Acer opalus Miller [80 9602 Acer neapolitanum Ten.]
M. Tenore, Fl. Napol., vol. 2 : t. 100 (1811-1838)
5 9745 Acer opalus Miller Miller [Acer opulifolium Vill.]
J.H. Jaume Saint-Hilaire, Traité Arbr. Forest.: t. 29, fig. 6,7 (1824)
5 9745 Acer opalus Miller Miller [Acer opulifolium Vill.]
C.V.D. d’ Orbigny, Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat.: t. 26[Dicotylédones 24] (1841-1849) [Maubert]
Acer opalus Miller
A. Fiori, G. Paoletti, Iconogr. Fl. Ital.: p. 299, t. 2434, fig. 6 (1895-1904)

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